2016 FAI F3J World Championship for Model Gliders


The World Championship and Pre-competition will be held in Vipava, a lovely small town in western Slovenia (for a better perception of the airport, use GPS coordinates (45°49’43.74”N, 13°56’56.60”E). Our Club has a surface area for up to 14 landing spots, an 8000 m2 surface for tents and a campsite.

There will be no “no-fly”zones at our competition, meaning there won’t be any limitation as to where you can fl.The surface of the airfieldis sufficientllarge to provide an interesting and invigorating competition! The event will be held at the peak of central Europe’s summer, so that estimated temperatures are expected to reach approximately 30°C (and up to 35°C) with humidity levels at about 60%.